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Let our AI handle your daily routines and obligatory tasks. Put the focus on relevant tasks and invest released time in critical decisions.

Want to be one step ahead with natural language processing?


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Struggling with repetitive text processing tasks every day?

Today, the manual effort of processing text is very high. Employees often read and edit similar documents. They search for similar terms, deal with similar concepts and research similar issues. In the long run, this offers less variety, which makes the work more error-prone.

Already identified the potential of nlp for your work?

Increase efficiency and quality of your work through nlp domain specialization! Simply integrate the products that fits your needs and enable the full potential of nlp for you.


Our Core Features

Domain-specific Tagging

Effective annotation of your business relevant data. Our tagging service enables you to quickly solve your custom nlp problems you were struggling with before.

Information Extraction

Receive relevant information from documents specific to your field of expertise. Our powerful extraction service provides fast and efficient processing.

Document Classification

Automatically categorize documents and other text types according to your criteria. Our classification service is customized to your domain-specific requirements.

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Interaction of technologies and processes - only in this way can accurate annotations be delivered that organizations can depend on. We follow a standardized iterative approach, which means we are always as agile and flexible as you need us to be, whether in development, proof of concept or mission-critical solutions.

Whether you have any questions about features, pricing, trials or anything else, we are ready to answer any questions for you. Just contact us and schedule a quick call.

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